Feeling Scroogy.. Feel the Christmas Spirit Digitally online...
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Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Ahh... it looks like christmas is here again, can't beat that nostalgic feeling of friends and family. Turkey, Honey Baked Ham and Christmas log cake. But for those who still say that they still cannot feel the christmas spirit yet, go online and listen to some christmas midis. Load up your computer with christmas lights.Or maybe shutdown that computer pick up the phone consider making an appointment at grandmas....Don't be a scrooge ...readon..


To start you off on your quest to feel the Christmas spirit in the digital domain, here are a few links to get you going...


Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights


Alek has put together some 17000 christmas lights on his house. He's pointed some webcams and hooked up an x10 controller to these lights so that you can control them from his webpage. There is even Sponge Bob, Elmo, Frosty, Homer Simpson and even a Giant Santa which you can inflate and deflate from his webpage. You just have to see it.... "What in the world is he doing all that for?" you might ask. The University of Maryland Celiac disease research,to raise funds to help Celiac kids. So don't be scroogy go down there and take a look. Donate if you can...



House with Christmas Lights that dances to the music


Since we are on the subject of christmas lights, maybe Alek should consider upgrading some of his lights to this system. And put on some outdoor music... I strongly believe this should really drive the neighbours nuts...



Home Made USB Christmas Lights 


If you aren't feeling warm and cozy yet. Maybe you need something personal and closer to home to start feeling that welling up of Christmas warmth... Seeing all those lights you might want to put together some yourself. Have a USB Christmas!! But Don't fry your computer hehehe...



Your very own little Christmas Tree


If wiring up USB Christmas lights are too much for you.... And buying a Christmas tree is too much to bear. Suffering is packing and taking out the Christmas tree from the box and putting it back later. Nobody is going to buy you a christmas present.. ok the scrooge list goes on... I got something for you that even Scrooge cannot resist. A tiny little Christmas tree with all the lights setup and its FREE!! Put it any where on your desktop, and if you are still feeling scroogy. Right click and exit to terminate the last bit of digital X'mas spirit and continue that scoogy existance..


Hope your not still feeling scroogy... Have a Merry Christmas from ReviewingIT.com... If you have any more christmas links for the scroogy add them to the comments and cheers!!!

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